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Home Inspection Services


All State Certified Home Inspections provide thorough and precise inspection reports. We evaluate all accessible components including roofing, structural, electrical, plumbing, HVAC system and more. 

Home Inspection Checklist includes the following:


We inspect the condition of the roof, including roof covering, roof penetrations, ridge vents, valley flashing, drip edge, gutter system. The inspector will inspect the foundation and grading of the slope for proper drainage. We will also inspect all wall covering materials for cracks and settlement issues. All exterior doors and windows are inspected for proper flashing, moisture prevention, and settlement cracks.  


The inspector will check for any active water leaks, insulation and ventilation issues. The inspector will also check for any electrical connections that appear unsafe. 


We inspect your heating and cooling system including the ductwork system for leaks, evaporator and condenser, filters and liquid line. The inspector will run the HVAC system and record the temperature. 


We will identify the location of the main panel and any sub-panels in the home. He will identify the capacity and type of wiring in the panel box. The inspector will check for hot breakers, double-tapping and burnt connectors  He will also check GFCI and AFCI outlets and breakers.


The inspector will identify the location of the main shutoff valve and the water source type. He will inspect the water heater components and the TPR valve.The inspector will test for proper water pressure by running two fixtures simultaneously.


The garage door will be inspected for safety and proper operation. All safety requirements will be checked including the emergency release cord and photo-eye sensor. The inspector will inspect the garage for signs of any settlement cracks.  


The inspector will inspect all rooms including the kitchen, bath, and bedrooms. We will operate and check all connected appliances for any defects. The inspector will check doors and windows for flashing, water penetration and settlement issues.

Wind Mitigation

The inspector will inspect the roof type; windows and doors ratings; thickness of sheathing and nail size and frequency.  The inspection also checks for clips or straps attached to trusses. The wind mitigation report can lower your insurance bill; ask your insurance agent for discount information.

4 Point

The 4 Point inspection checks the essential components of your home. This includes Roof, Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC system. Most older homes require it for insurance purposes. Please check with your insurance agent for discounts.

Hazards we inspect are:


Carbon monoxide

Chinese Drywall

Lead Paint (homes prior to 1978)


Radon (radiation gas in soil)


Termites and Wood Destroying Organisms

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